You’d like to get your employees to follow your directions, but sometimes they don’t. You also know more consistent work can be performed if everyone follows your direction. Creating smart business procedures that align with your business goals directly helps everyone in your company focus on what’s important.

How can a small group of documents make such a big impact on a business?

People will tend to do things slightly different without consistent direction. It’s not their fault. It’s not your fault.  Doing the same things different introduces risk in your business. Job results that are inconsistent, low quality, or just as worse, spending too much time on a task and trying to make things too perfect…these are all symptoms of your business not having a consistent system (procedures) to rely on.

While your competitors struggle to get things done consistently, you’ll be confident your entire team is getting the job done right the first time…if your team knows what is expected of them.  

You already know this: if your workers have clear and concise instructions, they will be more likely follow them.

Imagine for a moment everyone in your business working based off your direction, written down in procedures.  They’ll know what is expected of them, what it takes to complete the job, and when they are done to move on to the next task.  What else can you imagine? Less surprises when things are not done correctly? Less customer complaints? Less worrying about the next big disaster?

Now, you might be thinking of a few reasons to not create procedures:

  • “Will I be stuck in paperwork all day?”
  • “What nobody follows the procedures?”
  • “What if outdated procedures cause problems?”
  • “What relying on procedures just does not work?”

You can start with small and obvious procedures, have your workers help in the creation (they get invested), and regularly ask them to go through the procedure to help keep things up to date.  After doing this for a while, reflect on what worked and what didn’t. You can always adjust. Isn’t learning and adjusting the mark of a successful business owner?

To save you the time to figure out procedure formats, layouts, and where to start, we’ve created procedure templates to get you started:

Click Here To View The Procedure Templates

The template is in multiple formats, so you can just pick whichever one works easiest for how you do things.  

You are free to copy and modify them if you need to. Is there a format you want that we didn’t post?  Let us know and I’ll get that up on the site.

Our procedure templates were created from discussions with business owners who wanted something easy to use, easy to change, and easy to share with their employees.  

You can start getting everyone following the same process and bring back consistency to your business.

Get Free Procedure Templates

Try out the procedure templates and let us know how they work for you.

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