Not Sure How To Implement Work Instructions?

Get Consistent Work Quality From Your Team And Reduce Profit-Wrecking Callbacks and Rework With The Right Work Instructions

In This Guide We’ll Show You How To…

  • Focus on success and what you need first to succeed.
  • Handle change in your company…and the growing pains.
  • Write procedures and instructions that want to be followed.
  • Get your team to continuously improve your process.
  • Scale up what works and troubleshoot issues.

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Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • How do I spend less time checking on my workers?
  • Can I reduce customer complaints, callbacks, and unpaid hours?
  • How can I bring new employees up to speed faster?
  • Can I find a way for everyone to get more work done?
  • How do I get higher consistency, quality, and reputation?

You can answer all those questions by answering this:

What one thing do your workers need to succeed at their job?

It’s not:

What’s the one thing?

Your employees knowing what they should be working on.

Even the most highly trained, years of experience veteran of your company needs to know what they should be doing. Yes, some of that comes naturally with those years of experience. If even your experienced employees have the information when they need it, easily accessible and relevant to what they are trying to accomplish, they will know what they need to get the job done right and the first time. Less errors, rework, and customer issues can result.

Creating useful procedures and instructions that change how you do business is easier than you think!

You may think procedures and instructions need to be complex and overly detailed breakdowns covering every aspect of a given task, when in reality they need to be just descriptive and helpful enough for your employees to get the job done consistently. Less customer complaints, rework, callbacks in simply having the information they need, when they need it. No more guessing and errors, instead replaced with confidence and efficiency.

Here’s what you’ll get in the guide and the online course:

Less time checking on employees

You’ll be the leader you’ve always wanted to be to your employees. You won’t have to check on your employees, since they’ll be following directions they helped create. We explain in the guide and the course how to lead your company through change by stacking the odds in your favor by creating a team to help champion the changes, getting buy-in from everyone by having them help with procedure/instruction creation. Your entire company helps themselves through the entire process.

Reduce customer complaints, callbacks, and unpaid hours

Don’t get caught off guard with angry customers calling about issues you know your employees should have done. We detail in the guide and the course how to ensure your employees have what they need to do when working with customers.

New and current employees are more productive

You’re entire company will become more like a family. New employees will be up to speed faster, and existing ones can be confident they have all they need to get the work done right and the first time. We take you through a prototype process improvement, where you conduct a pilot run of your changes, then discuss how to not only get solid feedback, but drive that feedback into improving your process. The result is an upward spiral of process improvement that you can then branch out to other areas of your company.

Higher consistency, quality, and reputation

What if you could be the best in your town? Your area? Your market? Your entire industry? We take you through a process of creating metrics tuned just for your business, things your competition likely does not do. By measuring for consistency, quality level, and reputation as part of your business process, you be able to respond to issues immediately, and continually improve, taking you on a solid path to being the best!

What’s Specifically in The Guide?

Guide:What are those most critical parts of creating procedures and instructions?
Of course go over things like how an procedure and instruction should be laid out, for ease of understanding, which parts and why. But just as important are things like:

Improving your company is a lesson in change management: how to succeed in navigating change, leaping over inevitable hurdles and you improve.
Going through an exercise on why. Why change in the first place?
Put numbers on the change: We show you how to estimate rough but needed numbers no matter what your industry.
You’ll establish a solid case for urgency. Your entire company knowing this is urgent and involves every one of them will motivate.
Who in your company can help champion the cause? The more who are on your side, the better your chances for success.
What to do when things don’t go as planned, how to focus on what works, and prune what does not.

A 20 page field manual for those who want to get going right now.

What’s Specifically in The Course?

Many want and need more, so we are creating an online course that you or anyone you assign can go through it. It will contain everything in the guide, but also
Much more detail
Action guides – describing exactly what to do and when. People often print these out and put into a binder.
Most importantly: a community area, where others like you who want to succeed. Learning what works, what to avoid, where to focus.
I’m limiting early memberships: Want feedback from passionate, driven owners who want to succeed.
Imagine your company, where you are truly viewed the as effective leader you wanted to be. All your employees have all the information they need to do their jobs completely and consistently. They’ll also feel and act as a cohesive team, confident and proud knowing they are working to be the best. Word spreads fast, as your reputation for quality and excellence will start working for you.
The guide and course isn’t for everyone, and is why we’d like feedback as we are finishing them. If you’ve read this far, then you know you want to change your company and improve. You are looking for a way. We want those who have that desire and drive to follow through. You might just not know how best to start, and that’s exactly what we are working on.As we launch them, we will be limiting the guide (and moreso the course) to those who most want to change their business. We don’t want to give away all the details (we want to surprise you later), but as part of the course, there will be a community aspect to it, with an area for course members to interact (either anonymously or not). Our goal is to build a community of driven business leaders who want to make positive change across their company. You can learn from the best by being with the best.

Are you ready to change your business?We’re already working on the guide and the course, so feedback you provide us right now is most valuable.

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