You have the whole day ahead of you.

The workday begins, and everyone is off doing their work. Then “it” starts. Slowly at first, but building quickly as the morning progresses.

“It” being things like questions, issues, missed items, misunderstandings in what needs to be done.

The customer is calling as well, and in those first few seconds you can tell they are not happy. Your chest tightens as they tell you there’s missed tasks, some things are incomplete, or entirely incorrect. What do you tell them?

You know quality needs to be better. Day-to-day consistency is…well…not there. You feel your reputation is in jeopardy every day. You are calling, emailing, checking up on things in between handling all the new issues. Meanwhile, your new hires, although enthusiastic, just cannot seem to make the leap from trainee to full-fledged employee.

It’s suddenly the end of the day, and there’s a new batch of issues to wrestle (never mind yesterday’s overripe basket of unresolved problems).

What are you going to do?

If yesterday was like this…and today was worse, what’s tomorrow going to be like?

Maybe every workday is not like that, but some days might be. How do you feel at the end of those days? The beginning of the next? What about your sleep in between? Do you shudder at what is coming up for the week on Sunday night?

We wanted to being these problems out into the open…shine a light on them and see them for what they truly are.

Let’s look at your problems.
Do any of these four things sound familiar?

  1. You have work that needs to be redone because it was not done right the first time…and your customers are often the ones finding the problems.
  2. Work inconsistency, lower quality, and your overall reputation are your daily concerns.
  3. You spend too much of your day checking up on your team.
  4. Your new-hires take too long to become productive, and you wonder if they will be around for the long term.

If any of those 4 things sound familiar, that’s ok…because you are not alone.

We talked to over 100 business leaders and owners like you. We asked…and they shared…their deepest problems. Those problems that keep their minds racing at night, and cause “Sunday-Dread” of the coming week. Many responses became emotional, there were sighs, explanation of attempts to fix things, but being stuck in the same situation.

We distilled the discussions down into those four things above.

We then asked those same people:
…you could wave a magic wand…what would you do about those problems?

Anything they could do to remove or at least reduce those problems, their business would run much smoother.

Ask yourself:
What would you do to your business if you could wave that magic wand and make those 4 things go away?

Imagine having that ability to turn those 4 things causing trouble into reasons to be proud of your company:

  1. Work done right the first time and less unhappy customers.
  2. High quality through consistent work, and a reputation for doing so.
  3. Your team knows what they should be doing, so you can focus on things you need to do.
  4. Your new hires gain confidence quickly, and are at full productivity when you expect them.

You, getting those 4 reasons to be proud, are what we have focused our energy towards.

OnsiteSnap is the result.

What is OnsiteSnap?

OnsiteSnap is an online application (web app) you and your entire team can use from any computer or mobile device. We made sure it was fast and as easy to use.

Your team can use work instructions from anywhere. You can assign the same work instruction to more than one person, so this ensures consistent work and high quality.

Workers have all the information they need during a job, like any files, specs, diagrams, photos. If you want, you can also create these instructions to have steps, and they can check things off as they get them done. They know what needs to be done, instead of you telling and reminding them. You or others you assign can see all this all in real time. This helps you make corrections immediately, instead of the customer calling to tell you.

You can create “new hire instructions” to help bring your new people up to speed, add extra information to guide them as they complete their first tasks…anything you think that will help them.

This short video gives a quick overview of what OnsiteSnap is, how it works, and how it can help you:

Here are some highlights of how OnsiteSnap can help improve your business:

You can see tasks completed so you can track and minimize unpaid time, rework, callbacks (whatever you call that)

With fewer unneeded phone calls and updates, you are free to focus on the profit-generating areas of your business.

You’ll spend less time trying to find out what’s going on during the day (since it’s there for you).

You’ll know when things are done, and be prepared if the customer does call.

You’ll bring new hires up to speed faster, as you can create training plans for them, with clear instructions and checklists to guide them. All the information is there when they need it to become as productive as possible in the shortest time possible.

As your team works during the day, they have access to instructions to help them. Things you and even them have created to help guide them on the task. Experienced workers may have most of what they need, but this is here to help them when they need to remember the details, even down to the specific customer.

They can take notes and photos during the job, even upload any files that might be needed. These can be saved for the next time they are on the job.

OnsiteSnap was built around the problems of getting your team all working correctly (doing the right things), working consistently (doing things right), freeing up your time so you can get your things done, and helping new hires get up to speed quickly.

If that sounds like something you’d like to see, we’ll be getting more details on OnsiteSnap out to you very soon.


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